Thermo-Pan insulation

In addition to our aluminum building system, we also provide sustainable eco friendly insulation solutions.

Thermo-Pan is a double sided aluminum foil ( 1.2m x 40m) with a core of expanded polyethylene or EPE foam. We use high quality EPE foam material to create Thermo-Pan foil that result in a durable, light weight, and recyclable panel.

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  • Good heat preservation and insulation properties
  • This insulation material can be installed on roof, wall, ceiling and floor.
  • No odor and toxicity, enviromental friendly
  • Light, soft, dust free and fire retardant
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Saving energy, moisture barrier and heat reflection.
Thermo-Pan and SigmaFast used in residential project
Thermo-Pan and SigmaFast used in residential project

Use Thermo-Pan for your next project

Use our high quality, durable, light weight and recyclable Thermo-Pan panel for your next project.