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Sigma-Fast is our sustainable fast frame building system, suitable for various types of construction projects.
This innovative aluminum structure replaces traditional building materials with high quality aluminum frames and corresponding fasteners.

Easy, quick and efficient
Work smart, not hard. The easy-to-assemble construction system can be completed within weeks or even days. The modular materials are pre-engineered and produced in convenient sizes in order for them to be easily handled. As a result, the error margin is small and the construction could be put together by no more than two people.
Ecological and renewable building material
Compared to many traditional construction components, our building materials are ecologically produced and renewable. After the extrusion proces the aluminum frames are immediately ready for transport and construction, unlike wooden beams that need to be sawed, cut and treated before use.
Sustainable construction technique
The light metal framework as well as the corresponding fasteners and added insulation are a trustworthy foundation for your energy-efficient home. This building technique is durable and dimensionally stable and can therefore be implemented under various circumstances, on several locations.
Less material. Less operations. Less machinery. Less labour. Building with Sigma-Fast is not only quick and efficient, it will also save you money. Lower cost on the outside means more fun on the inside.

Our building blocks

Have a look at our products page to discover the possible constructional combinations of aluminum framework, efficient and budget-friendly insulation and exterior coverage.

Structural elements

Insulation panels

Wall covers

Design & Consultancy

We are well aware that each project is different and we address the individual needs of the builder, which is why Sigma-Fast offers a made-to-measure approach.

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