Building in the future starts today

We live in a world of fewer resources, less space and less time. Getracom introduces a circular building system with recyclable aluminium frames that allows for zero waste and time-efficient construction.

Sigma-Fast is our sustainable fast frame building system, suitable for various types of construction projects.
This innovative aluminum structure replaces traditional building materials with high quality aluminum frames and corresponding fasteners.

Welcome to Getracom


Work smart, not hard. The easy-to-assemble construction system can be completed within weeks or even days.


Help the environment while building your project.

All-Round Building System

Our versatile and complete aluminium building system is a trustworthy foundation for your energy-efficient home.


Less material. Less operations. Less machinery. More money to save.

What are your benefits?

Private individual

We offer a do-it-yourself aluminium building kit which will be measured, cut and customized according to your preference. Building your personal project does not require any heavy equipment or machinery. All the pieces are easy-to-assemble and can be lifted by one or two people. Our DIY-kit is perfect for building a carport, pool house or utility shed.


What you draw is what you get. The margin of error with our building system is significantly lower than with traditional building methods. Every piece is measured and cut according to your design and will be accurate to the millimeter. As far as your creativity is concerned, there are practically no limits.

Contractor or project developer

For the purpose of futureproof and ecological building, customizable and reusable materials are a smart move. Our all-round aluminium building system is perfectly suited for contemporary, energy-efficient architecture. Purposes range from small outbuildings to multi-story residential buildings or even a vertical extension on top of an existing building.

Possible purposes

  • Modern residential construction (single or multi-story)
  • Minimalist living
  • Floating house
  • Annex (guest house, pool house, tool shed, …)
  • Carport
  • Extension

Design & Consultancy

We are well aware that each project is different and we address the individual needs of the builder, which is why Sigma-Fast offers a made-to-measure approach.

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