Aluminum frame structure

This conveniently designed aluminum profile forms the base of the constructional framework.

Interior wall frame (TPG, TPT OR TPS)

This aluminum frame can be used as a base for interior walls, it can easily be connected to the structural framework with screws.

Angled connector

The angled connectors will attach the aluminum framework in the corners.

Ceiling and wall connector

These connectors slide into your framework and can be used to connect walls and ceilings to the framework with the help of screws.


Thermo-Pan insulation

This insulation layer is made of vacuum polyurithane with a double-sided aluminum cover. It offers thermal as well as accoustic insulation and can be attached directly to the framework with the Silicon Sealant.

Vacuum silicat insulation

Extra high level insulation for energy efficient housing.

Calsilplus wall panel

This wall panel is suited for exterior as well as interior wall coverage. They are attached to the framework with the Silicon Sealant and can either be left blank, painted or coated.

Calsilplus colour wall panel

This wall panel is suited for exterior wall coverage and is available in various colours. It is attached to the framework with Silicon Sealant.

silicone sealant

Silicon Sealant

This strong-hold constructional fastener will attach wall panels and insulation to your framework.

External wall cover XCoverwall

This aluminum wall cover can be attached on the exterior for a unique and contemporary look. Can be produced in various colours.

TZ-line window framing

These window frames are equipped with thermal break and are designed for a clean, modern look. Available in T-profile, Z-profile or L-profile.