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The ultimate light metal frame system

An innovative aluminum structure system which replaces traditional building materials with high-grade aluminum frames and aluminum fasteners.
This system is extremely easy to use, fast installation time from days down to hours.
High strength / weight ratio.

Easy and fast frame building system for all construction projects.

“Sigma-Fast “ and “ Thermo-Pan “ provides a simple modular building solution for all building constructions.
Designed and pre engineered aluminum frames, on a budget price.
Wall, floor and roof frames combined with insulated Thermo-Pan panels.
The frames and panels correspond to a framing plan, so you just follow the plan.
A design manual is supplied with easy to follow, step by step instructions.
Modular wall, floor and roof insulated panels are made to a convenient size, easy for two persons to assemble and handle.
Basic frames and panels can be erected quite rapidly.

Offering superior durability and dimensional stability

Compared to any other construction systems.
It is an excellent quick and green solution for all building constructions, designed and developed as a complete building system.